Littlest things

This post seemed to be focused to things I valued the most. It could mean the things we touch and also the things we see and even feel too. These things really make me happy on a rainy day and make my plain normal day a sunnier one. You’ll notice that these things are not that expensive but yet it would help me use it incredibly most likely in doing my art stuff. These littlest things comes in big packages, means they totally are useful to life. I thought of having an entry like this to show happy appreciation to my little wonders kept in my pocket. Well, I hope you too could be happy realizing you have a lot that make you glad too.


I had a lot of fun using this colorful Hexaplus for my notetaking. 🙂


This is a quirky story from Dr. Seuss.

     Image                   The eco-friendly paper bag from my favorite food chain:)


The little photos from a couple of years ago with my grade school super friends.


This art work from a my little student.

These all bring HUGE and meaningful memories and value for me. It made me happy as I recall I had these.

… more to go, I know )

happy rainy days, by the way




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