Red and Rainy days

Rainy days are here again. Well, it seemed like everybody’s going to pull their knits and sweaters on just enjoy the weather. (Stay safe and dry by the way :)) I just began to love this look since I saw how this old sweater would still keep me be warm during the rainy days. And it’s just that the color of  my top happens to be the color of the day for the #notoRHbill campaign of the large masses. I bet this issue wouldn’t be instilled in my memory if a close friend of mine remind me to support by wearing the same color as theirs. Anyways, societal issues are societal issues. We never learn unless we identify them during the days and cannot solve it over the nights. I am just embarking to get curious again with this matter. Moving on, wearing RED for an outfit is not really my usual tone but today I got to try wearing the shade and I just found myself happy with it. Cool.

Going back with the rainy days and the wet weather will never stop us with the things we do- the things we love to do. I missed jotting down an entry since its timely I got tired with work and had to juggle and balance the schedule just to have another entry here. (I missed this!:))

I had been challenged stepping on this slippery area and the wind is blowing.

I had a quick fix on this shots.

I had minimal accessories for this day but loving this wooden colored vintage bag.

I keep on wearing this white stoned-ring with a love bird in it. (I hope the little love bird won’t fly:))

Sometimes, great chances pass us while we’re not looking at them or maybe we just understood them as just “little things”.

Red Sweater (United Colors of Benetton), Black Tank top (Blacksheep), Skinnies ( SM Dep’t. Store), Grey Flats (SM Dep’t. Store), Ring (Butingtings Store), Leather Bag (Christer Johanson)

Hope you love this new entry:)



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