we begin to hope and be happy

“Thank you that the world is so sweet with great friends over good food on a happy Saturday evening.”

I am just happy that j.e.y.m.m.s. is embarking another chapter of our lives. It seemed that everybody will change, no matter what aspect of life it is. But I’m glad that we are still the same beyond those changes.

Where: Kangaroo Jack, North Edsa

This looks like a tower.


This was so sweet.

I together with Mekisa and Maricel.


One thing that we love in our friendship is the “eating part”.

Every now and then this is our first love, food.



Our dinner would not possible without her efforts.

Three claps for Yvette. Yaay!


This was courtesy of Edda’s special someone.

(Haha, salamat po sa matamis na Leche Flan, Edda:))



We keep our coolest smile for this lovely evening.


There’s more happy moments to come as we continue to have hope for a good start in our careers and to gain some more happiness over the hectic dates awaits us.

It’s really that funny how we made a time for this dashing dinner date.

Lovely evening,



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