chasing the sun

I was chasing the sun, did not love the rain that much because this was the huge day for a get together with college friends. It seemed very cloudy that prayers were meant for a brighter sunshine. But the sky said a big “no” because it still poured some water and I can’t do anything about it. Yes, I walked under my umbrella with this:

white dotted top; Blue Navy/black tank; Blacksheep/ shorts; Just G/ pair of Soulmates/red vintage sling bag; Noble Handbag Inc. USA/ stoned bangle; Camille Co

The rain stopped for a moment while I head off to the event I’m going to and to our mini dinner together with my college  sisters for many years:) It’s a blessing indeed from above.

fashnote: I had been very much particular on where and when I will be going so that outfits could be that appropriate for  the weather. I hope this help to an outfit comfy for strolling around malls and running ’round skylanes.





ImageBy the way huge thanks to my sister, Jeziel for these photos.


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