Bloggers United 3

I will always love Bloggers United. I am very happy I was able to come together with my good friend Cha. We had the determined heart and soul to come even though the rain’s crazy pouring that hard outside and its cold. It seemed like a one of a kind journey again, few months away from BU2 which I also had a BLAST!:)


“I heart BU3. love, betweeniandthesky”


 I chose to wear at BU3:

top: long-sleeved beige polo

bottom: floral skirt

accessories: floral bangles and earrings, head piece, watch,  satchel

shoes: hot-pink doll shoes


A distant glance of some of the lovely Philippine Fashion Bloggers. I really look up to them a lot. They carry confidence through being fashionable and creative in their own ways.


The first booth I dropped off was at boatridethroughthesky (Gela Abores). I am very thankful of this very unique and creative blogger for giving me the free pass to the said event. This was the 2nd time I met her and she was so nice and very approachable. Though, I wasn’t able to buy some of her piece at her booth because the sizes ranged for tall Pinays but then I still love her and her adventurous site.




I had the chance to meet the very pretty and humble Camille Co at her booth. Happily, I was able to buy a piece from her stuff, a green bejeweled bangle. (I will post it soon.)




I bought also a green plaid polo at (Lissa Kahayon)’s booth. I had the chance to meet her for the first time and she’s very approachable and pretty too.



My friend, Cha was busy looking for good finds.




These were some of the “happy tarps” I saw during the event.


Spotted very friendly Laureen Uy at the event.


 Spotted in my red satchel bag and with my bow ring.  We’re about to leave the Grand Events Place in this photo. (awww:/)

 Spotted: I and Charlotte after strolling and enjoying each booths, we still have the energy to smile and take photos of the whole BU3 experience. We thought of having another BU and promised ourselves to be more prepared.

We had a lot of  fun and learning about TRAVEL, FASHION and FRIENDSHIP.

It had been an adventurous day for us because finding BUMA Bldg. was not easy for us but then it was a happy day of just walking in the rain!:)

BUMA Bldg.

(Good thing we found you! BUMA Bldg haha:))

 ’til next BU 🙂

Note: There will be another post for the fashion piece I bought from the booths:)

Stay safe and dry!:)



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