Neon Statement Necklace

This is a great post of super fashionable neck pieces:) Cool for summer:)

Neon Statement Necklace

I saw this craft on a DIY website that I follow and I thought it was so chic and easy that I made one that day. I like the idea of taking jewelry that you already have and up-cycling it to something that’s on trend right now. Neon is huge for this spring, and while I haven’t embraced it with all-out pieces in my wardrobe I like the idea of bringing the pop of color with a necklace. After making this, I’m itching to try it on some bracelets too… I think it will be fun to play around with different colors and pieces of jewelry. 

Start off with a necklace… I got mine a while ago at Forever21, but they sell these bib style necklaces all over now for really cheap. Use pliers to remove the chain from the necklace if you don’t want to paint it (in the inspirations…

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