you can caught me wearing these

This is a very sweet treat as I already turn twenty one.

Here are some of the fashion pieces that I personally loved to wear.

I have these basics in my closet.

The 21 basics:



1) Polo (It could be a Boyfriend polo or just the simple ones either plain, plaid or floral.)

2) Pretty skirts

3) Woven wedges (good for summer and the rest of the year!)

4) Doll shoes

5) Satchels

6)Trouser Pants


8) Killer heels

9) Dresses

10) Cardigans

11) huge black bags

12) Comfortable shorts

13) One-of-a -kind accessories

14) hats (summer hats)

15) tight jeans

16) jumpsuits

17) jackets

18) bows/ headresses

19) plain white shirts

20) woven sling bags

21) black tanks/tees

Dressing up will always on how a person wanted to express his/herself on a particular place and time.


jade 🙂


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