turning two one

This is just a very quick post of my simple day celebrating

1) Black Saturday


2) my 21st birthday.


I had the chance to take photos of my sketch for my future post.


I spend a very sunshine-y morning with my parents (with papa in the backyard) at the kitchen area.


I had the time to see the sky in no time. I really appreciated the sunny birthday I got this year.


I played with the camera setting all in black and white.


I played with my sister Jeziel on our messy buns.


My mom prepared a Filipino Style (super sweet) Tuna Pasta that is good for the holy week.


I appreciated how Jeziel made a little note beside my pasta plate:) She was sweet.


I was surprised that this humble site was nominated by a blogger turned to be a good friend!

(Someday, I’ll meet her soon.)


My sister Jessa, thought of having a cool-blast of iced-flavored shakes with sprinklers on top.

I had my watermelon shake.Yey!

I ended the day thanking all the greets from my closest friends and family friends.

I never thought of having numerous greets but I think God made a special place in their hearts to greet me.

I had a very amazing day with my family.

We had the time also to reflect and pray over the holy week’s Black Saturday.

At the end of the day, I thank God above for everything though I can’t sing my heart out. Haha

I’ll just be singing after this week.

Oh, did you asked for my birthday wish?

Well, I always wish the same every year.

I’ll just spill my craziest birthday wish: I wished that this particular non-famous musician would sing for me.

Since it didn’t come true today, I’m still optimistic, there will be some other days chances are,

it might happen.





3 thoughts on “turning two one

  1. thanks for nominating me bessy hindi ko magets nun una tahimik lang ang blog ko medyo personal pa sa kung ano anong etchos and kadramahan ko lol =)

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