One Palm Sunday Afternoon

An afternoon enjoying the backyard’s green scene, so I took this photo as I daydream things I wanted to do this summer:)

These are the aims that I wanted to achieve this for summer:

1. Start my career as a meester.

2. Develop my skills (in art:)).

3. Enjoy the sun.

4. Bond with my family and friends.

5. Enjoy good food, better books and the best summer dresses.

Above all these, I just wanted to put a big smile on my face and share it to other people. I’ll be happy as the sun. I’ll be cool as the raindrops pouring if the weather’s not dry (rain consistently pouring from the past few days).

Celebrating Palm Sunday definitely opened hearts to look up at the sky and somehow reflect about life.

This afternoon sky made me appreciate the weather more.I had time to say my little prayers of hope. I also had the whole afternoon bonding with my family over green mangoes and salt.(that was so sour!)

Happy Sunday!


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