Crazy Summer Sketch : Sunny Skirts

Another set of sketches that I completed after the busy days I had in college. Hooray! for summer, I love to jump start my vacation (while looking for a job) through making myself busy doing my hobby-sketching/designing/coloring. No matter how I should call or name it as long as I express my artistic ideas and I’m happy about it then that best reflects my creative side.

These are some of the summer inspired skirts I loved:)

Let’s start the fashion show!

“fresh pastel colors

Eye-popping pastel color for summer  from top to bottom.

(don’t forget to tie your hair into a bun with pretty hair pieces!)


“see the sky”

What I loved about this style was it was very girl-y but edgy because of the color combination and the over-accessorized bangles and rings. I like the blue pouch and the wedges that completes the look.


“blue cloud”

A color block over a nude-toned block  completes this beautiful but simple look. It is accessorized by a beaded neck piece and a bangle. It definitely promotes the prim and clean style. Easy access to wear ’tis very hot season.


“orange punch”

Be with the summer heat with the color combinations of  peach, red, orange and the likes.


“pink as the sun”

This look seemed to be unique. Transparent long-sleeved over-sized polo under a pleated yellow-toned maxi skirt. The cute pair of hot pink boots adds an extra oomph in the look.


This were my recent skirt sketches for the summer look. The styling was inspired by how I would like to match colors to another, a piece to another piece and of course depends on how I would like to see how the entire look matches the summer beat. Anyways, I always illustrate what I want that I believe it’s pretty and fashionable.

Hope to appreciate the sense of style and fashion:)

Happy Summer heat!




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