dotted tiny bow clip

I’d been walking in and out of the mall stores with my sister, Jessa, who’s looking for her maxi skirt. She’ll be attending her best friend’s 18th tomorrow and she seek for my help. I’m always be the “super” sister above all. Fortunately, we ended up having a long dress than a maxi skirt. Aside from the success we felt of having a mission accomplished shopping marathon, I also stretched my hidden researcher abilities (about what’s new in-stores). I found a newly-opened store that sells cute accessories from rings, to neck pieces, head bands, earrings and the like.

Note: It was all from Thailand and can be purchased at a cheap price.

I swore myself that I’ll be back soon because i was not ready to explore more of the store. (I even forgot the name of the store maybe because I was overwhelmed with the cute-sy and pretty accessories on their racks). I thought of myself as a miner who found something to treasure!

I promise to be back and be posting a lot of photos soon. I’m terribly in a hurry a while ago since it was raining that much water outside. (Promise.Winks!:)

I got this cute bow clip just for a cheaper price:)


I loved this cute little bow clip:)


incredibly little

cheap finds:)


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