let’s work for fun


Let us be motivated to do the massive hard work and at the end of the line there will be some great sense of worth from all the sacrifices. I knew it determined and challenged my being in those experiences that turned my world up-side down and now, I already graduated in college, Bachelor of Science in Psychology;Guidance and Counseling stream. I am happy yet accepting to be challenged once more.


Another chapter of my life will be opened because zoning through my goals for the following years will be my priorities. I can’t help to analyze how God’s so generous to me about my successful years of studying and developing my craft. Sometimes, I thought of how these blessings came and changed my life in an instant.


Capturing moments that would last a lifetime…


It was nice to give back to the people who helped and been my inspiration to be the best:)

Waiting here for the ordered hot pizza at Joey Pepperoni, SM Manila:))

the table setting

super cool wall paint and their black and white themed area:) Like!

I was positively thinking what’s in-store for me in the following years:)!

“struggles were best appreciated when already harvested the fruits of the hard work”


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