Recycled Journal for 2012

New year does not mean we’ll spend another for a “new” journal. I decided to make my own this year and share it to others. I was also inspired by the fashionDIY101  blog to recycle and to be resourceful to the max!

Here are the steps I had in making my Journal for 2012. Jumpstart to a new year by saving and  being creative!:)

Things needed:

1. an old notebook/notepad

2. used shopping bag

(I don’t advertise any of the labels but I certainly love Bayo. This shopping bag was already has its aged marks and crumpled linings.)

3. pair of scissors, tape, plastic cover , other materials for additional designs

(Recycled bows from last Christmas gifts:))


1. Gather all the materials needed to make the desired journal.

2. Cover the old notebook with the desired used shopping bag dragged from your closet. (there are still other options aside from shopping bags, it can be fave magazine page, cute wraps, and there are endless possibilities!:))

3. After covering the notebook, put desired designs to decorate the cover. (use double-sided tapes for clean do’s of the cover-ups:))

4. Secure it from being wet, at least make it water-proof by covering it with plastic.

5. And then, put the bows simply as a lock to your journal.

7. After step 5, you already have your own and very unique journal for this year. Yehey!

Here’s my Journal…

I love it!:) ❤

It will always be up to the owner what will be the segments of the journal inside:) I’m sure you’ll be happy to embark the year full of fun with your artistic side. I’m excited to make some doodles and start writing my first entry. I will always be happy noting and jotting through paper n’ pen.

“Every moment counts, don’t let it slip away.”

Happy writing for 2012:),



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