greetings from the art

Greetings of love and more love this season. Here are some of my art greetings which I just did the day before Christmas. I hope readers would love my piece of work from the rush and the busy life of hola-days:)Wink!

This for my HS BFFs. Charm, Fortune, Alyssa, Nicole, Marvi, J.e., Air, and Irish. I miss you totally.

This is for the whole class of future Guidance Counselors. Cheers!

This is for my first year college family:) I miss them too.

This is for my bessy Kim Simbaco, now based in Canada. I miss you and take care!:)

This is for the best-est friend ever, Candy!:)

This is for, such an isnpiration to young bloggers.

This is for

This is for sis Ana,

Happy holidays to Camille Co,

Sticky notes idea for Christmas was from Candy December Ish:) It helped me a lot to conceptualized this piece haha. I played wit my pen and my sticky notes. Happy christmas to all of the wonderful people whom I had this year, advance Happy New Year! I could not include all of the names that inspired me through the way but you’ll all be always here in my heart:) May the Lord bless everyone and have a blast this season as I do.




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