Bloggers United 2

An adventurous day at Bloggers United with my college close friend Edda:) The journey took us to walk, talk, read and ask till we get there good thing we enjoyed the company,haha!:)

the sky is blue, isn’t it?:)

(I guess anagon’s sundance was effective:))

high heels on.

(I did not know this photo was taken:))

Ready to go over each booths:)

(Ready, set, window shop:))

DON’T DISTURB: Busy bee.

(Edds on the rack:))

Busy bee too:)

Meet some of the bloggers:

I and Kryz Uy ( all smiles in this photo. I thank for the BU tickets!:) and appreciate her fashion sense and style:)

(Happy to finally meet her:))

I and Gela ( finally met.

Meeting the bloggers was fun and warm. I didn’t stay that long but looking forward to another BU3 (and promise i will be prepared, haha:))

Lastly, I and Ana ( and anagon collection) who’s very friendly had this photo (blurry :(, sorry ) before I go.

It was a fun and unforgettable experience at Bloggers United 2.

Some photos:

(Note: Taking photographs were fun at this event:))

Anagon Collection booth

boatridethroughthesky’s booth

Quick pose,tadaaaaa!

Bursting Rio Mints:)

Tomato booth

Treston (On the way home…)

Thanks for a wonderful Saturday afternoon…

Flippin’ memories


It was a successful day full of adventures and one of a kind experiences. I would like to appreciate a lot of people because I was very happy about my journey.

Thank you…

Kryz Uy for the BU free tickets,Edda Esquilona for being with me that afternoon my super friend who helped me ask, read, take photos, ย and the endless thoughts, to Yvette Buce for the support, to Shello Arboiz, Eloisa Caravaca and Caren Estillero for giving a lot of guides and directions, Ana and Gela (and the rest of the bloggers), Bloggers United , to my sis Jessa Bufete for the breezy floral dress ๐Ÿ™‚ …

I โค you all:)



4 thoughts on “Bloggers United 2

  1. Thanks for the acknowledgement, girl! Haha ๐Ÿ˜€ Next time DRAG ME, please! :)) I’m happy for you and Edda’s experience at BU2. And you even had the chance to meet the bloggers, especially Kryz Uy. I’m inggit. Hehe. Jk. Love ya! โค

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