Just Random two: Color Play

Sketching is what I usually do during my spare time after school or after being inspired with fashion trends. I’ll just grab my drawing book and my pencils ( I call them my color team:)) and I just let my mind do the styling. I sketch what I draw. I color them to add life, color and aesthetic.

Sketch 1: Blue as the sky, gold as the sun

Blue+gold dress paired with nude pieces: the heels and the clutch bag:)

Sketch 2:  Catching the rainbow hues

Blue boyfriend polo, brown woven belt, little pouch, ribbon wristband, pink socks on yellow platforms

Sketch 3: Dance in the woods

Black multi-layered dress, wood brown vest, purple bangles, black+blue strapped heels

Sketch 4: In red

Hot pink cardigan, black bag, laced top, red belt and shoes, black skinnies

Sketch 5: Ridin’ with hue

Orange-y jacket, red short romper, blue earrings, t-strapped pink wedges

Sketch 6: Rockin’ florals

Gold necklaces, printed shirt, floral skirt, two-hole ring, brown satchel, black high heels

Sketch 7: Cut it short

Blue ruffled blazer, black tank top, brown belt and shorts, sky blue strappy sandals

Sketch 8: The dress

Black+gold blazer, purple button-down dress, white socks on brown strappy heels

Sketch 9: Cool Casual

Bib necklace, orange-y shirt dress (tucked-in), red shorts, button ring, black long-strapped bag

Sketch 10: Green grass

Green blazer, printed shirt, bib necklace, purple skirt, black stockings, flower ring, military booties, nude clutch

This sketch  is one of my faves  because it has the green blazer .

This sketch is for  Kim Simbaco. (A little  gift for your birthday, i hope you like it:))

My sketches reflects my love for fashion:)! Yes, I celebrate that whenever I had the time to dress up because these days I’m still on my college uniform.  I always visualize the designs I want to have but there’s still a million reasons why I humbly just be contented sketching them. I hope all fashion lovers would appreciate the styling though, it’s very “me” all the way.

Good thing, I end a batch of these happily and fashionably.

“fashion” betweeniandthesky,



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