Just random

I love this look with green stylish lose top partnered with a skimpy black skirt.

I play with formal-casual aura.

The story behind maxi skirts and bold colors:)

Cool and sexy with the pale blue short shorts:)

Go with floral pieces.wew.

I love to oomph with some gold booty wedges:)

Light pieces for the tropical weather. (hello, Philippines)

Something that would make the style sweet and colorful:)

Experimenting some pieces over pieces, exciting!

The following sketches were just randomly designed on a free sunny day. I had the chance to play with my pencils again, start thinking creatively, and just slipped the time doing these. I had fun doing these and been inspired to do some because of my super close college friend Yvette Buce.  Yves these are for you. I hope these would help you with your mix n’ matching. You know where our hearts beat—– fashion:) Winks.



8 thoughts on “Just random

  1. I lalala-love it Jadesss ❤
    Mostly the last piece. Super like. 🙂
    I think I like to see your signature in the middle of the photo.
    Like what you did with the one with the "The story behind maxi skirts and bold colors:)" caption. 😉

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