“thank you, friend!”

Riding trains is my life. A student’s life would not be complete without trains especially when attending classes from one of the universities in the U-belt.(I’d say a huge thanks to the Light Rail Transit) While I’m aboard I’ve got the chance to experience a lot of things like being pushed or being pulled by the massive passengers battling to have their seats (just be careful), seeing a huddle of students studying, chatting and just doing their thing for the moment and having a chance to catch a sight of the city (it is really cool, see it for yourself). I’ve experience a lot of those everyday but not with this- dealing with a bubbly, intelligent and very expressive kid (laughs).

I feel like all my stress for the whole day of school works were gone since this little boy with his mom (I guess) sit beside me on my train ride. I was just surprised that this little angel told me “thank you, friend” after offering them to seat. It caught my attention because it is great to hear kids being polite and appreciative. And I replied, “you’re welcome, friend” (smiles). He grins and as well as his mom. It is very unusual for a kid to be that vivacious especially to strangers like me. All throughout the ride I was just observing the kid. Actually he was standing on his seat looking at the window’s view and then sit again (maybe because it was dark outside and about to rain) and continued to talk to his mom like “mommy, we are riding in the train…mommy, where are we going?”. The kid looks around the other passengers and that time some were sleeping and he used to do some gestures signaling “mommy, they were sleepy?” The kid’s mom patiently answers the inquisitive questions of a young heart. I can’t help but smile while the kid’s enjoying his ride. Also, people around were also looking at his bubbliest actions and they were smiling too! Seemingly, everybody around the train was tired and the only one who’s really charged with energies—–the kid. When it was time for them to get off the train, the kid looks back at me and I waived “bye, bye”. And as they alight still the child continues to active utter his words to his mom. It seemed like little things like this could come with a big impact.

I can say that kid was amazing not just because they are really cute and smart in nature but because they give happy thoughts to everybody’s life. They snoop too much; they had lots of energy and they were really that playful. I could definitely say that I had a blast when I encounter this cheerful little creature maybe because I really love to hear kids say “thank you”. It is something that you cannot pay for, it is priceless. Starting to be polite and practicing using magic words at a young age could be very helpful in the growing years (wow!).

That night, I am glad to see a little tot very smart and polite to people (teacher-hearted thoughts activates…). Lucky kid, starting to say magic words (*thank you, *sorry, *you’re welcome) in his age but even adults couldn’t even practice one. I, myself could practice now, “thank you for reading”. Smiles.


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