Summer Gardening

I could not tell if I should claim myself being a gardener for once in my life (haha!). I am happy to write this because I helped mom regain our gate area’s plants. It has been a long while that all of the people living in our humble house was quite busy with their each stuff and (oh, no!) the plants were forgotten. Since it is summer, mom has the ample time digging, planting, sprinkling and picking dried leaves and I felt like I should help her. There should be two to three visits per day to maintain the plants’ life. Mom would visit it in the morning and do the tasks of sprinkling and ridding of the unnecessary objects around the plants and I will be checking again at the middle of the day and the both of us in the afternoon. I really don’t know what the expert’s principles were in planting were but I believe we had our ways. Long hot summer days were felt and it was like the plants needed more water than I. Watering them, cleaning the surroundings and even suggested to plant flowering plants was my role. I knew that mom had a ton of plants placed on the ground. And then one day, I visited the plants with mom that morning and to my surprise there was a reddish orange flower bloomed onto the sparkling green leaves. The first flowering plant bloomed its first flower (Yey!). As far as I remember, it has been a very long time that I helped and get my hands dirty with soil and leaves over the garden. It made me smile that very moment up to this day that even there’s a typhoon and it has been weeks that the little flower was there and now it is already dry. (I wouldn’t let each moment pass, without my capts :))

Getting hands dirty over the garden or whichever areas of the house that squeezing out productive minds could be that helpful. I am very happy to have a summer love; not the beach, not the sand and not that I don’t like them but for this moment I guess our little garden first! Winks.


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