Here comes the rain

Bidding sweetest good-bye’s to summer sunshine because raindrop and dark clouds are gonna take all over the sky. Rainy days already hitting the city just like when I stroll over Shangrila  last Tuesday, the weather’s unpredictable sometimes it’s gloomy in one place and then sunny to the other. We should be prepared and used to it all the time.

I standing on the yellow-lighted Garden Court at Edsa-Shangrila Plaza Mall. My sister took this picture (thanks a lot!)

Cool windy Tuesday afternoon with my sister. Striped cardigan from Gap, gray dress (worn as a top) from eye ❤ candy, shorts from just g, sailboat pendant necklace and the native bag from mom, and watch from Girlshoppe.

I heart this look, it seemed like there’s a balance for the summer-y look and the cool rainy vibe.

Btw I wore a water friendly pair of shoes—Crocs. 🙂

I play with water.

I play with the pink wall after strolling around the mall.

Now, playing with the cam which I didn’t do for ages. haha!

Just seize the day with looking and feeling good no matter what the weather is. 😀

All smiles and positivity! 🙂


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