Between I and the Sky: The people I’ve met.

All walks of life, no matter who they are what they do or whether where they live as long as they shake and enliven my little, simple, very peaceful life; they are real wonderful. It is very ecstatic to be moved by the words of a writer, critically soaked into an artwork made by a painter, and blown away by a sassy and classy collection of a well known fashion designer. I’m presumably honored and well delighted when I finally got to at least share a smile with them and afterwards I silently, took a mischievous grin. These people whom I looked up unto a lot made me realize that life is not unfair at all, it will be just like of whirlwinds of sometimes fun but sometimes undone. I am not particular to what their names are but I’m looking forward to what they did and how they made their life so straightforward and be the uphill inspiration to others.

The people I’ve met, different traits, features, fashion sense, status, the way they communicate or even the way they look up at things, they were amazing. Amazingly, let me feel not as the same as another. They were uniquely making me happy or even unhappy sometimes. I realize that no matter how people including myself is magical because we cannot tell what would happen next one day or another. Looking upon what the eyes can see makes us all magical and amazing, no matter how these imperfections and sorrows emerge upon, we are still people. Everyday is a challenge to look beyond imperfections of people, learning to accept and love that it, is the way as it is.


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