Things to be Happy About (04/07)


(This watercolor (just trying) lettering ‘thank you’ is my sweet treat for those who loves me everyday! Yey! Thank you also for the birthday greets! :))

I just turned 23 and I was blessed to celebrate my birthday together with my family & friends. I had to work on my birth day since it was a Monday. And it’s cool to be in school for my happy day because I was able to experience an instant globe ceremony courtesy of my co-teachers. (Globe Ceremonies are given to kids who celebrates their birthday in school. Luckily, I am one of them! Yey!)  Actually, I did  little adventures on that day that made it extra happy. And I can’t stop thanking all the wonderful people around me & God above for all the blessings received not only that day but everyday.

Here are the things to be HAPPY about last Monday:

early morning greets from my ever energetic family

opened presents from little Hannah & Ate Mae

ate my all-time fave pancit

wore yellow top + slacks + brown flats + mailman’s bag

attended an early mass (my birthday mass)

the church goers were able to sing me a ‘happy birthday’ song #yey

went to Ateneo ( #AMDG)

changed 2 to 3 in my profile form

wrote 2 on-the-spot essays wholeheartedly

greets from my co-teachers

a cute candy-inspired gift wrap from my team teacher Eley

a SURPRISE birthday cake from Chantal

an instant picture taking of our globe ceremony

made wishes & blew candles

ate saging-con-yelo

got my birthday cake plus coffee from Starbucks

happy family dinner

read greets from fb & twitter

felt blessed & happy







It was a BLAST! :)


the days after…

Tuesday: Celebrated with my co-teachers @ Starbucks. Coffee time!

Wednesday: /ma-ART-eh/ Crafty Party, an extended celebration :)



I wished to have a simple crafty party for the kids ’round the block to celebrate my 23rd birthday. I got the idea from different crafty people who hosted their own crafty, artsy and DIY parties. And I just can’t believe I was able to make it happen last April 9, Araw ng Kagitingan. I invited kids from our street for an afternoon to squeeze their creative minds and fill our space with colors. It was so fulfilling that I was able to feel the achievement through their beautiful smiles and creative-hardworking-can’t stop holding the brush hands.

This simple joy is a way of sharing my heart in making, creating & appreciating crafts and arts. And I really jumped and even dance for joy that I was able to impart ( I did my best though :) )to them  the happiness of creating & sharing. ( I really felt like I was Mansy of Hey Kessy & Alessa of Life After Breakfast while teaching the kids how to do the art activity! Those 2 creative bloggers are way too amazing that is why I look up to them! Salute.) I felt so much that these kids are really into it-> ART . I must say they did GREAT! Claps*

These are some of the photos from the /ma-ART-eh/:

1st activity: Paint Letter Cut Monograms

2nd activity: Paint ‘n Stamp

*Surprise afternoon snacks*


Busy doing their craft :)



My very own design! :) Yey!1613928_10201878276060565_1911592738012897429_nAAAAAAAAAA

Foam + Wood= Instant Foam Stamps  (Thanks papa for cutting the wood for the base. )



Stamping starts here:




Groupies #happy







That is the tag line/ theme of the party since I am into ART and I love appreciating art from different creative hands. :)


I would like to thank the following:

the kids from our street

my family

my art team ( which I kept for so long )

to God above for the sunny weather

Yey! It was really FUN! :)

Craft & Be Merry: A Crafty Adventure

It was just yesterday when I and my sister took the time of exploring another crafty artsy world -> Heima Brixton. I just can’t stop saying this line: “Hey!, We’re at Heima Brixton!”. (I did celebrate & did happy dance as well! :)) We went here for the Paper Club :”Craft and Be Merry” event which catered live art demonstration on Mural Painting, Paper Diorama Making, Paper Flower Making, Paper Cutting & MT Casa Decoration. I was able to note some of the possible DIY art projects in the future that really made my artsy heart jump for joy! I can say that this is one of the happy places for the artsy, crafty & happy kid like me. (Wink!) It was just my 1st time to visit the store yesterday but I can’t resist to love everything (from biggest to the littlest stuff ) & everyone (the artsy people coming in & out of the Heima door)  at the event. Yesterday was a blast!

Here are some of the bee-line of photos taken yesterday!

‘We live to CREATE.’

Look! Mural painting :)


The paper diorama on the making of the amazing hands of Foldyard & Co. #awesome


The Newgate Clocks


Lovely home decors

the crafty books & girly magazines (so darling! :) ) on the adorable shelves #love


Washi tapes Yey!



a cloud of cotton candy… surprise!


Sweet afternoon treats! Yipee!


Craft, (Drink!) and be Merry :)


Cupcakes are for the crafty & creative kids! #cool

Did some letter cutting stuff while waiting for the Paper Flower making demo :)1016933_10201868771382954_152427974937712677_n

Paper flower demo



Paper Flowers by Googly Gooeys :)

Sisters’ Selfie :)




Huge thanks (for the last photo of I and my sis Jessa & the Paper Flower) to Tita Micki; Jess’ HS teacher! :)

& to Heima, The Paper Club as well! :)


Happy Weekend!

Visit:  Heima Home & Lifestyle

Summer Pompoms


I made some colorful pompoms for the art activity of the kids tomorrow. I chose bright colored papers which are mostly green, oranges & blue since it’s already Summer!  These pompoms are also unique because of its tiny size.

Since this blog is celebrating its 3rd year, I am very happy to share this photo—– cheers! for the 3 happy years of sharing lots of adventures.

Looking forward for a daily dose of happy posts in this humble blog.

Thank you for appreciating the posts here.

Keep visiting! :)

Citrus Fun

I always make time for strolling  after a busy week at work. It is one of the little rewards I give myself for a productive week. I and my sister got to explore & went food trippin’ at chez karine ( SM Megamall) last Saturday. We really had fun staying there even for a short time of sipping a refreshing citrus drink & at the same time satisfying our sweet cravings. Here are some of the photos I collected from our little adventure @chezkarine :)

Cute wall decor :)


Yuzu Slush


I super love the minty twist of this drink.


Jess (my sister) loved their Affogato plus Hokkaido Cupcake. Yum!




Visit chez karine :)

10152389_10201747649434981_1174326716_nAside from the food adventure, I was able to have a shoe selfie too! :) (peace xx)


Happy  Food Trippin’!

Get Up & ‘inspire’


It was a nice feeling that they appreciated all your efforts & deep determination no matter how you get challenged.

They always say this  word to me—– ‘inspire’ with a continuing word— others.

Actually, it is awesome to be a person for others in my own little way.

I know you are too! :)

Seize the day & ‘inspire’.


This paper cut project is for those who inspires me a lot to become a better person. Thank you! :)

10153880_10201752352272549_1546870147_nWashi Tape by Hey Kessy


February 2014

FebruaryThese are some of the photos last month. It was really fun celebrating with these lovable people & with these yummy plates. I just can’t believe that food tripping is already a part of the system. (Haha!)

1st Row L-R:

1 I just can’t resist to eat these pancakes at IHOP (UP Town).

2 I was able to get the Starbucks Planner for my sister. (Happy sister! :) )

3 This plate is a yummy plus happy plate.

2nd Row L-R:

1 I took a box of J.Co donuts for my family. (Yey!)

2 Hangin’ out with these adorable ladies! (& we seriously love to eat first whenever we hang/study, haha)

3 This is a photo of my surprise valentine treat for my 19 kids.

3rd Row L-R

1 A snap from our tea party :)

2 #selfie :)

3 This photo shows that I am one of the boys. These are the little boys of our class. (another snap from the Tea Party) #happyteacher


Type Kita: A Typography Art Exhibit

I got the chance to visit again 10a Alabama for the Type Kita: A Typography Art Exhibit together with my sister. We definitely had fun last Saturday crafternoon. I love to share our photos with our artsy adventure. It was great to see all the works of the artists in one place. Plus, I got the chance to meet and chat with my paper cutting mentor (which is really the highlight of my adventure :)), Ms. Mansy of Hey Kessy. I am super happy and up until now I am . Hopefully, I can post more about the “Type Kita” and all our activities experienced there.

Type Kita Typography Exhibit